What do I need to watch UK TV abroad?

A computer or tablet device (such as an iPad)

For Windows PCs, it’s recommended to have a recent version of Flash installed, while Apple devices should work with services such as iPlayer by default. You can download the latest version of Flash here, if you experience issues

A decent broadband connection

Anything from 1Mbps broadband speed should be sufficient but the faster the better, as you should be able to get HD quality if your connection is 3.5Mbps or higher. If you’re not sure how fast your internet connection is, you can test it on the BBC diagnostics web page.

A VPN service

Check out our 4 Things to Look for in a VPN Service if you haven’t already done so.


Does it matter where I am located?

No. You should be able to watch UK TV from any location around the world. However, it goes without saying that the faster your broadband connection, the better. If you are a long way from the UK (e.g. Australia), you can expect a lag when starting to play a program or switching channel due to the higher latency or delay of long distance internet connections. However, this only really matters when you begin watching something and shouldn’t affect quality once it starts playing.